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Forest Deer

Forest Deer A Celebration of Nature Sometimes, oil paintings evolve from a simple germ of an idea. The thinking for the oil painting Forest Deer developed because I had just finished a series of small landscapes where I had painted the morning sunshine penetrating through groups of beech trees. I experimented with several types of […]

Woodland Flowers

Woodland Flowers A Historic Woodland. This image of Woodland Flowers is a place that has many fond memories for me. These are  the woodlands belonging to an estate owned by the National Trust called Lanhydrock House. In the spring the woodland floor is carpeted with bluebells and later the wild rhododendrons burst into flower. The […]

Pots of Flowers

Pots of Flowers The inspiration for Pots of Flowers came from the same location as Blue Shutters . It is based in the old town of Mojacar in Southern Spain.  A common practice in the town is for the residents to have many pots of flowers on the steps and walls.  This brings floral colour […]

A Celebration of Nature-Tawny Owl Study

A Celebration of Nature-Tawny Owl Study A Celebration of Nature-Tawny Owl Study.   The Tawny Owl is the most common of the owls in Britain and is widespread throughout Eurasia.  Its  colour varies further East however.  It is nocturnal and so is not seen as as much as the Barn Owl. It has excellent hearing,  enabling […]

Blue Shutters-Distinctive Floral Art

Blue Shutters-Distinctive Floral Art The challenge with this oil painting was to take a simple centre piece of geraniums and put it together as a pleasing artistic expose. The painting title ‘Blue Shutters-Distinctive Floral Art’ was chosen  because I wanted to show something that was less typical of some of the other floral canvasses I […]

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